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All crystals used in this beaded crystal jewellery are genuine and of a very high quality.
All beaded crystal jewellery on this site is manufactured and handmade to the highest standard.

Jewellery art hope to provide you the customer with the best possible quality products and at prices that you can afford. Many of the items sold in this shop are unique one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery, I know this because I make most of it myself. The designs are also not copied from anywhere but come straight from my ideas.

Beaded crystal jewellery is great because it mixed two natural materials to create a really stunning look. Many of the pieces of beaded crystal jewellery are either one-offs or limited edition, so don t worry about everyone having one. If you find a similar product or design on the web else where just email me and I will aim to create what you want.

Choosing your Crystals

Beaded crystal jewellery - gemstoneChoosing a crystal for beaded crystal jewellery can at first seem complicated. But don t despair, you need to choose the method that you feel at ease with - this is the most important thing to bear in mind when choosing. There is no right or wrong way to choose a crystal for your beaded crystal jewellery, remember everybody will connect with different crystals in different ways.

Choosing crystals for your beaded crystal jewellery does depend on what the crystals will be used for. There are several methods for choosing crystals and this also alters if you are buying for yourself or for somebody else. Your best tool throughout this process will be intuition, so have confidence in your own choosing power.

Before you begin you will need to clear your mind of any negative thoughts, it is also advised that you spend a few minutes meditating before hand - this is however down to personal choice.


Selection Methods

Beaded crystal jewellery - peruvian necklace Peruvian jewellery orange necalaceThe Visual Choice

This method may be the most simple because it may just be that a certain crystal or crystals will stand out from all the rest. The crystal may seem to call out to you, even emit a kind of glow or have an Aura around it. These are all signs that indicate the chosen crystal(s) is the one for you. This technique may or may not be the right one for you to choose the right crystal for your beaded crystal jewellery.
Energy Scanning

Start by clearing your mind of any negative thoughts. Start by putting your hand over the crystals and scan over all of them. It may well take a few attempts of scanning before you find the crystal, and if your are lucky you may even find it straight away. When your hand is scanning over the crystals look out for any tingling sensations, intensification of energy, temperature change, or a small kind of electric shock. If you need to scan over the crystals several times don t worry, you may need to pick up the crystals also, because very powerful crystals can give conflicting signals. If you find that you are drawn to a few crystals but want to choose just one then remove the ones of choice and begin the scanning again. This may or may not be the method for you to choose your beaded crystal jewellery.

Beaded crystal jewellery - shell picture UK handmade jewellery shells 2Pendulum Choice

If you are used to using a pendulum then it may be wise to choose your favourite. You will probably already be used to asking your pendulum questions, so you will know how it answers you. This method is to slowly pass the pendulum over each crystal and ask is this the crystal for me?" You may need to isolate certain crystals due to conflicting signals when powerful crystals are grouped together. This technique may or may not be the one for you to choose your beaded crystal jewellery.

Internet Choice

This is a new way of buying crystals and will need a different approach to the above methods. There will not be any physical signs to help you decide, you will need a more psychic approach. Again you will need to use your feelings, when browsing the crystals be aware of any strong feelings, glow or auras around the crystals. This again my or may not be the right way for you to choose the right crystal for your beaded crystal jewellery.


Other Alternative Common Sense Methods

However, for those of you who do not take to the above methods, a more common sense way my be the thing for you. All you need to do is to look at my crystals and properties page, and read through the description/properties. Picking the stone or stones that you feel are right for you. For the less spiritual amongst you this may be the approach that makes sense to you to choose your beaded crystal jewellery.

Picking for someone else

It is helpful to think of the person you are buying for before you look. Use any of the above methods, keeping that person in mind.

Good luck with choosing, and I hope you enjoy your beaded crystal jewellery as much as I do!!


Cleansing your crystals

You will need to cleanse the crystals you have in your beaded crystal jewellery. There are several different methods for cleansing crystals, you should again opt for the method that you are drawn to or that suits you best.
First however, we do need to address why we cleanse crystals. Crystals all pick up negative energies, and this can be from the people who mined them, the journeys they have taken to get to us or many other ways. Some people do cleanse the crystals before they sell them, but in the journey to you they might pick up more negative energies. It is advisable to cleanse the crystals yourself when you receive them. This cleansing will also help you to connect with your new crystal, and really get the most from your beaded crystal jewellery.


Beaded crystal jewellery - gemstone wand Gemstone meanings clear crystalMethods for cleansing crystals


Place your crystal in a bowl or dish of warm spring or purified water and leave it to soak for about one hour. After the hour take the crystal out of the water and dry it with a soft towel. However, there is one point I need to make before you use this method, and that is there are some crystals that are porous, and these crystals should not be soaked, another method should be used. Also if you are buying these crystals in a piece of beaded crystal jewellery, you will not be able to use this method unless all the other elements in the jewellery are waterproof, and will not be damaged by this method. If you have any questions regarding this method and your beaded crystal jewellery, please don t hesitate to contact me.

Running Water

Using this method will energise your crystal. Hold your crystal under running water (if at all possible use a natural spring or waterfall), however a tap will work ok too. Hold the crystal there for about three or four minutes. Again this method may not be suitable for a piece of beaded crystal jewellery, it all depends on the other elements in the jewellery. If you have any questions regarding this method and your beaded crystal jewellery, please don t hesitate to contact me.


You can buy smudge sticks from shops that sell crystals and that sort of thing. If you cant find one or would like to use something else, an incense stick will also work. Light your smudge or incense stick and pass the crystal several times through the smoke, do this several times and make sure all the surface of the crystal comes into contact with the smoke. Sage can be very effective, but it is best if you use your favourites. This method would be great to use of you are cleansing a piece of beaded crystal jewellery, because it does not matter if the other elements of the jewellery come into contact with the smoke. It will not hurt the piece of beaded crystal jewellery in the slightest.

Beaded crystal jewellery - red agateFire

Light three or four candles or tealights and place them around your crystal. Leave this for one hour. It may also help to use an incense stick or fragrant oil throughout the process. This method is also fine to use with a piece of beaded crystal jewellery, but you will need to cleanse each crystal one by one. Not all at the same time, because cleansing each crystal individually will make your beaded crystal jewellery even more powerful. However, be very careful not to burn your beaded crystal jewellery in any way - if you are nervous do not use this method!


Lay your crystal on a bed of fresh flower petals, you can mix several kinds together if you like. Experiment with different kinds to find your favourite, I find that rose and lavender works very well. This method is great to use with a piece of beaded crystal jewellery, you will not harm any of the elements of the jewellery.

Essential Oils

You can use essential oils to cleanse crystals in a few different ways. They can be used in an oil burner - passing the crystal through the aroma. Or you can gently rub the crystals with a cloth that has a few drops of essential oils on it. This will also give your crystals or beaded crystal jewellery a great aroma, that will also enhance the jewellery and make it very distinctive.


Using sea salt you can also bury your crystal in a bowl full of sea salt. Leave this for about 24 hours and the crystal will then be cleansed. This process will be suitable for beaded crystal jewellery and individual crystals.

Other Crystals

Beaded crystal jewellery - amber Gemstone meanings amberCollect a few Amethyst or Quartz crystals and lay the crystal to be cleansed on the other crystals. Leave it there for several hours. Alternatively surround your crystal with several small Quartz points, this will focus the cleansing process effectively. This process will also be suitable for beaded crystal jewellery and individual crystals.


Put your crystal outside or in a window sill in direct moonlight and leave overnight. This process will also be suitable for beaded crystal jewellery and individual crystals.


Put the crystal outside in direct sunlight or on a window sill - for up to four hours. This process will also be suitable for beaded crystal jewellery and individual crystals.


You can also cleanse your crystal with pure sound, using the pure sound vibrations. You can use a bell, gong, singing bowl or a chiming bar, you need to place the crystal close to the source of the sound. Make the sound and repeat this sound until you feel the crystal is cleansed. This process will also be suitable for beaded crystal jewellery and individual crystals.You can experiment with all of the cleansing methods above, or even try combining them. You will after some experimental phases come to a method that you feel works best for you, and that feels right. Good luck with the cleansing and I do hope that you enjoy the beaded crystal jewellery you got from this site.

Beaded crystal jewellery - purple wandIf you have any more questions or comments regarding my beaded crystal jewellery or even about cleansing, choosing crystals etc, please don t hesitate to contact me.


Beaded Crystal Jewellery For Sale

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Made from tibetan silver, Turquoise and Beeswax

This rare Tribal Tibetan necklace is an amazing example of the craftsmanship in the Himalayas. This wonderful item is created using Tibetan silver, beeswax and turquoise, and well worth every penny. The qualities that the stones/elements of this piece has will help you in many ways, and here are some examples:


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