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Terms and Conditions

These the Terms and Conditions for Jewellery Art, please read them carefully.

Descriptions and Images

Jewellery Art try to describe the items of jewellery as accurately as possible, including images and measurements. We don't want you to be unhappy with any of your purchase - we want you to know exactly what you are getting. If you would like more details about an item then please email Jewellery Art, and we will be glad to help if we can. Please note that some images may be larger than the actual size of the item, this is so we can show you the small details within the piece. If this is the case there will always be measurements, to make sure you understand the actual size.

One Off Items

Many of the jewellery sold at Jewellery Art are one-off's, and so multiple items can not be ordered. However, if there is a specific item you wish to order more of pleasse email me and I'll do my best to help.


All the items on this website are priced in British Pounds. At present the goods are only available to the UK, but will be expanding to the US and other countries in the future.

Jewellery Art is fully integrated to accept payments using PayPal. When you go to the Checkout page it will automatically take to to PayPal secure payments page. If you do not already have an account with PayPal then you may need to register. This doesn't take long and it is very easy, all you will need is a credit card or bank account.

Jewellery Art also accept payment via Cheques or Postal Order. If you wish to send a Cheque or Postal Order please send Jewellery Art an email. All cheques and postal orders to be made out to Karen Maycock. If you wish to purchase via cheque, you must take into consideration 3 working days for the cheque to clear. Your items will be sent to you shortly after.


Jewellery Art only offer goods to the UK at present, but are hoping to expand to the US shortly. We use Royal Mail Recorded Delivery and Special Delivery services to send your jewellery. The Recorded Delivery service doesn't offer insurance but your parcel will be trackable. Special Delivery offers insurance, and I would recommend you use this service, especially with expensive orders. If you have a special request for an item that you need quickly, please email me and I'll see what I can do.

Depending on the postal option you choose, the delivery charge will differ. However, because of the way in which PayPal works there has to be a set delivery charge. If you want the expensive postal option, or the cheaper option please contact me to arrange delivery the charge. If you have any other questions related to delivery charges please dont hesitite to contact me. The prices below and on the delivery page are just a guide, not an exact price. I reserve the right to increase or decrease the postal charge as necessary.

If you are purchasing a fairly inexpensive item and would like it sending first class then please email Jewellery Art and we will give you the cost etc.

Delivery will take place approx 5 working days after your order is placed, depending on when you place the order and what time of day. This is due to the PayPal system. The amount has to clear before the parcel can be sent, to protect Jewellery Art from fraudulent buyers. We appologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please do not use the eCheque payment option in PayPal unless you don't need the items in a hurry. This is because the actual eCheque payment takes 5-10 days to clear, and then we have to wait for the amount to clear in our bank account. Altogether this process takes at least one week minimum.

In the event of a postal strike Jewellery Art will do their very best to get your parcel delivered at the earliest possible opportunity. Although, delays should be expected on postal strikes, and Jewellery Art are not accountable for this.

I Need the Items Sent to a Different Address..

If you need the jewellery sent to another address please put this in the paypal box that asks for your address - state which address is the delivery address, and which one the invoice should be sent to. Alternatively email me and give all the details and we will be happy to do this for you. If the item is for a present please also include this information, so I can make sure the packaging is done appropriately.

Christmas Delivery:
If you want an item for Christmas, you will need to order by 16th December.

Our delivery costs are:


Special delivery (next day) costs - Standard price (includes up to £500 compensation)



Airmail prices 10g-300g




Airmail prices 320g-620g



Refund Policy

If you are unhappy with ayn item we do offer a 14 day refund guarantee. We will refund you on the original price of the item, but not including the shipping costs. The item needs to be returned in perfect unworn condition to be eligible for refund.

Jewellery Art do not give full refunds on any body jewellery, or any other jewellery designed to be retained inside the body, including earrings. This is for reasons of hygiene. However, if the item of body jewellery or earring is faulty, then we do offer a full refund.

If goods are returned because they are faulty then a full refund including shipping costs will be given. If you are sending expensive pieces of jewellery back to us, please ensure they are sent via appropriate means. For example not by first class mail, in a normal envelope. This will not protect the pieces form damage and could be lost or stolen. For your own protection please send the item via special delivery, because Recorded Delivery and First Class mail do not give compensation on items that are damaged, lost or stolen. Jewellery Art can not be held responsible for any items lost or damaged by the postal service. We can only refund goods that are returned in the condition they were sent, and not for any lost or stolen items.

Payments & Ownership of Goods

All items will remain the property of jewellery Art until the final payment has been made and received. Please do not send cash through the post, we will not be held responsible for any cash that is lost in the post. If you really must send cash then send it via Registered Post. Any payments that 'bounce' will be pursued!

Body Jewellery

There are a few guidelines when it comes to the use of body jewellery, such as only 9k gold, surgical steel and acrylic should be used for a healed piercing. It is not to be used for any un-healed or initial piercing. For any un-healed or initial piercing you should use titanium. Jewellery Art is not responsible for any injury caused by the inappropriate use of of body jewellery.


I do offer a pay by cheque service. However, I have to wait for the cheque to clear in the bank before I can send out the goods, this usually takes approx 3 working days. If you want to send a cheque, please allow a few days - time for the cheque to clear.


Jewellery Art reserve the right to cancel any order without cause or reason, and refund the cost.

If the relevant information is not given, or we encounter any other problems, and the funds have been transfered to the bank account. Jewellery Art reserve the right to take the PayPal fee off the total of the refund. This is to cover the costs of the PayPal transfer fees.

Please also make the cheque payable to: Karen Maycock, not Jewellery Art. This is because I deal only with PayPal online at present. They don't have the facility to pay in cheques, so it has to go through my personal account.

If there are any further questions concerning any of these terms and conditions,
please don't hesitate to contact me on:


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