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Indian Wooden Coloured Bangles

From the depths of India these cute wooden bangles are unlike any other bangle I have ever seen. This unique Indian jewellery is unlike anything you would see on other people. You can not buy any similar items from High Street shops. They are beautifully made, hand painted and light. They have a circumference of just under 7 1/2 inches from the inside.

If you are in to unique Indian jewellery these gorgeous bangles are definitely for you. You could buy a few and coordinate the colours with what you are wearing, or for added impact wear them together and you will definitely turn heads! They are original items from India, that you cant get anywhere else.

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Evolution of Unique Indian Jewellery

Unique Indian jewellery took root five thousand years ago when the desire to adorn oneself was borne. India is a gem-bearing country and so a treasure trove for many people, traveller's, traders and invaders alike.
Unique Indian jewellery making has become an art form in its own right, through time it has developed from just a craft to a much higher status. This applies to both workmanship and design. Rulers of India saw jewels as a statement of wealth, power and prestige. Indian women however consider unique Indian jewellery to be security, even now, and the value of this jewellery will only increase.


Ethnic jewellery bronze pendantTemple jewellery

Temple jewellery can either be in a traditional or classical form, it is normally associated with dancers, in particular the dancers who practice the dance of Bharatanatyam or Kuchipudi.

Unique Indian jewellery in temples is known for its fine handwork which was crafted agonisingly by the skilled artisans and jewellers. Sometimes it took up to one year to make certain pieces of this unique Indian jewellery, because it was so amazingly done. However, even after these long waits when the customer saw the final product they didn t even think about how long it took to make, as it was so very special.

Ethnic jewellery silver cuffThere were necklaces, earrings, hair pieces, jewellery for the feet and hips. All custom mane for the customer, this temple jewellery was surly the envy of all. Uncut, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphire's, pearls and other precious stones all set in gold.

The price for this kind of unique Indian jewellery could be anywhere between 80,000 Rupees, for a pair of earrings, or even to several lakhs for other special items such as necklaces. If a dancer were to order a set, that met all her requirements could cost between 8,00,000 to 15,00,000 Rupees.Only certain craftsmen make temple jewellery, even this to this day, they have to follow strict instructions when they are making it. An example of these strict instruction are that they have to keep a cool temperature when making the this unique Indian jewellery, because heat can damage the delicate gold treading. They have to devote their skills to one piece of jewellery at a time, this is because of the intricacy involved when making this temple jewellery.

In contrast to its name, antique jewellery actually relates to the present trends and is more fancy jewellery. Gunashekar says, the real antique jewellery is only that which is passed on through the ages. What we now craft in the name of antique jewellery is actually the modern day jewellery in gold or silver, which goes through a process of oxidising and is sometimes buried in a pot of clay, to give it a dull look."

Usually the price of antique gold or silver is 150 to 200 Rupees, which is 200 more than the normal price per gram. Contrasting to this real antiques are priceless, and the price for the real antiques could range anywhere between 2,500 to 3,000 Rupees per gram.


Minakari Jewellery

Minakari (enamelling) is an unmatched combination of enamel pigments, gems and precious stones, it was born as a result of Shah Jahan, and his visionary idea that changed enamelling into a highly developed art. From this idea came a range of items ranging from unique Indian jewellery to imperial thrones. In the original minakari the kinds of forms used in this unique Indian jewellery were plants, flowers, vines and animal forms, amongst others.

It is people in North India that sort after Minakari the most, and its value ranges from 3,000 Rupees for a very simple piece of unique Indian jewellery.

Unique Indian jewlellery of the past is so exquisitely created that it is obvious when compared with modern day unique Indian jewellery, the artisans of the past are unmatched in craftsmanship and design alike,
Traditional old unique Indian jewellery remains attractive even today, but why is this? Because they have stood the test of time.



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