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Its Modern to Wear Vintage Jewellery

Holding a piece of vintage jewellery in your hand creates a really special feeling, I am always dazzled by its craftsmanship and thoughts of where it came from, how may owners it has has, who were these owners and so on and so on! Vintage jewellery deserves lots of respect, these days it is hard to find jewellery with such classic workmanship and quality.

Costume jewellery treaure boxThere are many great designers who wear and use vintage jewellery in their collections. There is lots of information on this site on how you can wear vintage jewellery and incorporate it with your modern style, and still look amazing. It is important to keep in mind the fun element, without this you may start to look old fashioned. Wear items of vintage jewellery that make you smile and add a special something to your overall look.


Vintage Jewellery and Fashion

There are many vintage pictures and adverts of vintage fashions, there are site where you can look at these images and get inspiration from them. Here are examples of famous designers who have done vintage jewellery adverts:

  • Chanel
  • Jonzell
  • Accessocraft
  • Weiss
  • Coro
  • Jonzell
  • Bogoff
  • Eisenberg
  • Pennino
  • Sara Coventry
  • Majeska


There are many items of vintage jewellery from the past made by famous designers. You can still buy this jewellery from any vintage jewellery shops and websites. In the 1960's more unusual costume jewellery was being made, this kind of jewellery was being made, this kind of jewellery used plastics and some had an ethnic look, to create funky, futuristic jewellery.

The 1980's saw a revival of costume jewellery which was influenced by television programmes like Dallas and Dynasty. These items were very lavish, and the use of Cubic Zirconia was readily available. There were also enamel pieces which were very popular, they contrasted with the glitz.

the 1990's saw popularity in unusual pieces. Now in the 21st century a massive interest in vintage jewellery has become apparent. People and collectors are striving to find the most unusual, individual pieces. Manufacturers are doing their best to copy the old vintage jewellery, making modern jewellery look vintage.

Many department stores these days also have a selection of vintage jewellery. You can also buy vintage jewellery over the internet, there are quite a selection of stores selling via their websites.


Vintage Shell Jewellery For Sale

UK Handmade Jewellery shell

If you are into vintage jewellery these items are definitely for you. The collection consists of three necklaces, two pairs of clip-on earrings, two pairs of wire shell dangle earrings and one paua shell pendant.


All pieces vintage but still in very good condition, either never or hardly been worn. I always think that cleaning these vintage items takes away part of the past and hence their charm.

Vintage Necklaces:

  • One puka and silver bead necklace
  • One blue dyed mother of pearl and glass bead necklace
  • One tiny snail shell and black glass oval bead necklace

Vintage Bracelet:

  • Handcrafted vintage bracelet made from from pieces of large shell, shaped to form the bracelet.

Vintage Clip-on Earrings:

  • One pair of clip-on earrings made from is natural dyed blue and dyed bronze mop chips.
  • One pair of clip-on earrings made from goldtone flower shapes with mop chips.Dangle earrings:
  • One pair of dangle earrings, look like polished oyster shell with metallix silver enamel accents.
  • One pair of dangle earrings, pink clamshell shaped with metallix silver enamel accents.

Vintage Pendant:

  • Paua shell pendant, without chain.



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